Personal approach
My personal approach is reflected in all my translations. For me translating is more than just translating words from one language to another; I also keep your target audience and your message in mind. This usually means that I research the topic of your text – and I tend not to give up until I have found the perfect translation.

Curious about the meaning of the old Dutch word ‘tiendweg’ for the translation of the @PZH magazine of the Province of South Holland, I decided to call the Dutch Countryside Association, only to find out there is no official translation as this kind of road only exists in certain parts of the Netherlands. And what do you do when you want to find out how animals talk in English? Exactly. You spend a fun afternoon making animal sounds at your desk. The horse in the children’s treasure hunt ‘The lost elephant in the Zuiderpark’ now whinnies to its heart’s content.

Below is a small selection of the projects I greatly enjoyed working on in the last few years.

Legal translations
For businesses: having worked in the legal field for nearly a decade as well as completing a post-academic legal translation course, I am perfectly suited to translate any legal documents such as general terms and conditions, articles of association and agreements.

For individuals: I can help you with the translation of any legal documents needed for studying, working or living abroad, such as extracts, diplomas, cohabitation contracts and birth, marriage or death certificates.

Charity work
I work as a voluntary translator for a number of charities that I hold dear: